“Product Unavailable On Your Website”

– The Solution For One of Shopify’s and Instagrams Most Horrific Errors of 2022

Product Unavailable On Your Website - Shopify Instagram Shopping ErrorAre you syncing your Shopify product catalog through Shopify’s Facebook app and receiving these errors on Instagram?

“Your account is not approved for Instagram Shopping”
“Your account doesn’t meet our commerce eligibility requirements”
“Product unavailable on your website”
“To use instagram shopping, your products must be sold on the website connected to your account”

This frustrating issue started around the Facebook IOS 14 privacy update in 2021, and has possibly effected hundreds of thousands of users. I’m one of them I know exactly how you feel, this was one of the most frustrating issues I ever experienced in my life and the solution took quite a bit of effort to find.

Working with Facebook and Shopify was a nightmare, their customer support never acknowledged the real issue and placed us through a generic troubleshooting system that always ended with ” I’ve escalated the issue to our advance technical team, they will contact you via email” and their email either never arrived or they provided a useless template email with information and resources we’re already tried.

Lucky for me, I found a highly motivated Facebook rep who worked with me to troubleshoot settings. Together we found the solution and I’m going to write it out for you all here.

Solution Summary

This is a glitch caused by both Facebook and Shopify’s when setting up their systems. The following is not a simple solution because it may require turning settings or profiles on and off (in the correct sequence) in order to work.

I’m skipping the basics of how to connect Shopify to Facebook, and how to check your Facebook business settings and your Ecommerce shop connections; and how to verify your domain, because if you received the error in question you most already these up and double checked your settings.

I know you’re aching for the solution so lets keep it simple and move forward quickly:

Step 1: Reset Instagram Account Type

• On your instagram phone app, go to Settings > Account > Switch Account Type
• Switch your account to personal, wait 30 sec and switch back to professional account.

Step 2: In Facebook Business Manager Settings, Give Catalog Full Control Of the Instagram Business Profiles 

Product Unavailable On Your Website - Shopify Instagram Shopping Error

Product Unavailable On Your Website - Shopify Instagram Shopping Error

Step 3: Remove then reinstall Instagram to the Ecommerce Shops Area

• Go to Commerce Manager overview > Manage Shops > Ad and Sales Channels >Instagram
• Remove Instagram
• Then add Instagram again and the screen should show these two options
• You should see your instagram account there ready to be selected
• You should see a domain area where you can add your domain (very important)
• Once you reconnected instagram and the domain go to step 3.

Step 4: Go To Your Instagram App (on your phone) and Check the Following Area 

• Settings > Business > Shopping > Website

• Be sure your correct website is selected there

Step 5: Request that Instagram review your account again

• If you haven’t requested the rejection of your instagram connection 3 times then you should see the option to do so on your Instagram app (by clicking the latest notification stating that you were not approved for Instagram Shopping)

• If the error states that “you can’t submit a review at this time”, you can contact Facebook Customer support from the Ecommerce Manager area to submit a review manually.

If the above solution doesn’t work please contact me and I’ll be happy to take a look at your settings for you.